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20 January 2007 @ 01:42 am
the morning sighs along
opens my eyes to dawn
the symphonies
of earth now play
the day today
the rivers flowing by
give in to earth and sky
now I must stay
so go away
the day today
and so must you
we all must do
what we are meant to do
each man and child
must dance a while
to earths symphony
a moment more to learn
a treasure I may earn
for if I may
I'd love to stray
the day today
that I onced played
will go away
as yesterday's
day today
04 December 2006 @ 01:24 pm
do you think that when a person is at theyre most vulnerable
and all hope seems lost
that they're
feelings, intentions, and thoughts
can have an effect on reality?
like sort of unintentional prayers?

theyre is a story behind this but I just want to know
18 November 2006 @ 04:12 pm
Doctor, there's something wrong with me
My health is not all that it used to be
My heart is out of beat, I got blisters on my feet
My eyesight's getting dimmer, I can't see!!

Doctor thanks for seeing me today, I'm glad,
I've got every sickness there is to be had
I had whooping cough last month
And today I've got the mumps
And tomorrow I'll catch chicken pox as well.

Those pills I took have no effect at all
Just the other day I had a nasty fall
And I think I broke my jaw when it hit the kitchen floor
And I'm shrinking last week I was five foot four!

I've been getting shivers lately, is it flu?
I know the bug is going round, what can I do?
and my temperature's degree is topping over 103,
Do you think if I caught smallpox I'd make it through?

Do you think it's time that I made out my will?
I'll leave everything to you to pay my bill.
Just how long is there to go?
Please tell me I want to know,
But on second thoughts don't tell me, I'm too ill.
07 November 2006 @ 04:43 pm
I went far, far towards the sea
past desert subrealities.
A gentle breeze was blowing
then so soft and subtly.
I stoped to take the late sunshine,
before the warm light ceased.
I would not rest for sometime
on my journey across the beach.

So then I went on with my pilgrimage
to find the home of light.
I traveled on for quite a while
until late into the night.
It seemed like I moved time and space
like scenes from some great play
and all things seemed to guide me on
as I went on my way.
I saw things that were far removed
from what I knew was true.
And then I felt I'd come upon
the souls home in it's youth

I woke up in a daze from deep within
and then my vision ceased.
And that is how I came to end
my journey across the beach.
03 November 2006 @ 09:12 pm
yeah so I've done something I havent done in a Loooong time!!!
I saw a shrink. apparently I'm suffering from a great deal of pent up stress, and unresolved agression. who knew?!??!?.....*raises hand*

see I have this thing where when I get Uber stressed out one of my eyes starts to vibrate, well the other day it got to the point where out of know where, well not completely out of nowhere, I pinched a nerve in my eye.
and had to be sent home from work, I was having an anxiety attack. so after alot of coaxing from my buddy justin and my sister I went to see a shrink....good o'l therapy.
like usual they tried perscribing me pills , but I prefer not taking pills .

so for the next four months I have to see a shrink twice a week Yay!!!!

and if I dont improove maybe I'll get one of them posh rooms with the padding on the walls and a straight jacket
double Yay!!!!
27 October 2006 @ 11:13 am
I had a dream last night
as dreamers often do
aimlessly drifting in the void
with the remnants of you

stars shine across my eyes
black holes in endless spin
heavenly bodies pass me by
none are pulling me in

will the cosmos take pity on me tonight
or am I doomed to drift away
and when I wake up wil I remember this dream
and will I cry for yesterday

I am floating there
to, I know not where
throughout the endless
dark vacuum of space
24 October 2006 @ 07:45 pm
I've known you for a number of years
and I'm sure that I'm not blind.
I've seen the way that you've acted or played
and I think you've got something on your mind.

I hope it's not something I have said
and you feel that you've had to leave.
You by my side is all that I want
this is something you've got to believe.

And if you leave that is something I dread
and my heart must resound.
The pleasure of your company
was the only thing that kept me on the ground.

What ever happened to the things that we did
and the games we were playing?
Now your telling me that whenever we talk
you cant understand what I'm saying.

Believe we were in love
yes I did,
but now we are apart.
But the pleasure of your company
is still very strong in my heart

We were as one for a number of years
we knew what each other was thinking
now I see your shining star's on the rise
and mine is so very quickly sinking.

02 October 2006 @ 03:34 am
Before she came the stars were waging war on me.
And she calmed angry waves before they tore the heart from me.
The name, Her name was Melody.

It's impossible to say what it's like to be with her.
she's beyond the words I need to tell you what I see in her.
and here name.  Her name is Melody.

When I need to loose my mind I let her in the soul of me
She sees the good and the bad, and she can also see
my love. My love for Melody
02 October 2006 @ 02:48 am
I need a drink tonight
but I've got a date
I shouldn't drink tonight
I cant be late
I'm feeling migty bad

cant cut my skin tonight
what if she see's it
wont expose my shame to her
she wont forget it
why do I feel so bad

Cant show her how I feel
I'm feeling ghastly
must wash my hair and face
I want to look pretty
she's feeling mighty Fine

no longer feeling sad
I'm getting better
now it is not so bad
we are together
she makes me feel alright
05 September 2006 @ 02:13 pm
when the scarecrow in the garden died
the jury decided it was suicide
and you cried

standing in the pouring rain
drowning so hard to wash away the pain
left inside

a chorus of summer crows tell you
thats the way it goes for a man made of straw

by the end the corn refused to grow
the gardner he didnt really know or care
just why

standing there with tools in hand
wondering why he couldnt understand
or try

a near bye Mantis praying saying
that's the way it goes for a man made of straw

when the scarecrow in the garden died
the signs all pointed to a suicide
and you cried

though the scarecrow in the garden tried
the only human thing he ever did
was to die

and the only thing that ran through your head was
thats the way it goes for a man made of straw
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